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This outfit is a combination of Gucci boots, an adorable mini skirt, and Full TILT essential women strip tank. The skirt and tank together are $45 and of course the boots are more cause there Gucci. I am in love with the boots. The bracelet is amazing and definitely helps to tie this hot outfit together. The tank comes in other colors. Such as purple, which you can see below....


I really like the top in this outfit. Personally I'm not so sure about yellow pants, but they look pretty cool here. The pants paired with the blue high heels make you appear taller. The high waist in the pants helps to slim you down. Perfect, lengthening and slimming pants!

teen queen

I love this green dress! I think its totally adorable; its classy and fabulous! It'd make a perfect prom dress for someone who isn't wanting a full length dress. The shoes are amazing and only $17, meaning you've got to love them even more. Right? I thought the earrings were cute, but I probably won't ever be wearing them. They about $24,000. I thought they added a nice little touch though :)

Well, these are prom dresses. The first two are cute shorter dresses (obviously) I really like them. I like the big flower on the orange dress. The third navy colored dresses has a much more formal era about it. I would say that is mostly because of the color and the length. I like it, but then I also like the mini dress. The last dress is a designer dress by Jovani. I love jovani prom dresses. They all seem to be really fun and cute and amazing. But yeah, anyways, this dress is fitted, but then gets puffy like a mermaid dress. The dress also comes red, black, royal, fuchsia, and like as in the picture yellow.

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