Wanting to Dress Better?

Here are some tips to help you do just that! But just remember there only tips, not rules that you have to follow.

  • Always wear neat and clean clothes. This is a really easy way to improve a look. Stains on clothing usually aren't flattering.

  • Don't overdo trends. For example if someone says leopard print is in please don't go buy a bag, blouse, skirt, and shoes all in leopard print. It best to do a purse of a shoe that has leopard print design on it. Get it?

  • Make sure your clothing fits. Just cause you like the sound of size 8 over size 10 doesn't mean that its gunna fit. Different brands and designers go buy different sizes too, so it best to try different things on to make sure your clothing fits just right!

  • Head to toe denim is simply a no-no.

  • Being stylish and fashionable doesn't have anything to do with size, but with how you dress your shape.

  • Accessories can really change an old look

Any other tips? I'd love to have comments!!! lol :)

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