2011 Trends

Wondering about the new trends for this year? Well okay, its about time, considering its March. But here are some upcoming trends:

Nicholas K

70's Glamour. Well whats this mean? It'd mean that maybe for a day outfit you could wear flare high waisted jeans with a cute belt. Then perhaps a satin or silk flowing type blouse. If you want you could add to the effect by adding a cute vest or some long necklaces. For night it might mean a high sheen fabric with a 70s disco print type thing.

Then there is the biker chic. Which apparently is soon to take over the army look which has been around for a decade.

Then there is the punk look. Which is definitely best worn mixed with something ultra feminine. Its a good trend that should be added to an outfit not looked at as an entire outfit theme. Heavy boots and studs are included into this trend.

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