Ahhhhh summer is almost here! June 14th I can't wait =) What are you doing this summer? I know that I'm super duper busy this summer. I get to go to Alaska to work at a camp and then off to Boston for my brothers heart surgery. I'm pretty sure I'll die of heat in Boston. haha. But for all you warm weather people wanting to know what a cute summer style is are here you go!

Crop Tops and short shorts are in. Well okay, short shorts have been one of those things that are always kind of in. Crop tops is kinda new. It's not exactly a modest trend either. Although layering can help to make a crop top more modest. Layering is a wonderful thing these days =)

blog set

This is a more modest outfit but it's using the same trend. The shorts are longer and the top is layered. I love the ring!!! And the shoes; that are only $16 =)

What do you think? Would you wear an outfit like this?

Is anyone else having trouble seeing the followers on blogger? I can't see anyone's followers...and I've wanted to follow some of your amazing blogs but it won't let me =(

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