Happy Valentines all you amazing people reading this! Are you doing anything special to celebrate today? I'd like to bake something but its getting kinda late....well see though, there is still a little time!

Here are some sets I made on Polyvore for Valentines! They all have a little bit of a red or pink romantic color in them :)

dance <3
dance <3 by Stardom_Randomness featuring h&m shoes

The set above is more of a cute casual. The pants are flared and are paired with a heel. The shirt has a band but is loose fitted.


This outfit is a different kind of casual but cute. Which one would you rather wear? The first outfit or the second outfit? I think I might like the first outfit a little better, but I don't know. I could go either way I guess :P

This is more of a party type look. The strapless mini dress is paired with heels makes you appear taller. While the smaller waistline can help make you look smaller. The nice long coat will help to keep you toasty warm while out and about.

I <3 polyvore.

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