10 Steps to Healthy Hair

1. Keep you hair trimmed. Every six to eight weeks you should probably schedule a trim.

2. Use a weekly deep conditioning treatment or hair mask.

3. Wear a swimming cap, and rinse your hair really well after swimming in a pool or an ocean.

4. Boost your circulation by massaging your scalp. This will also promote hair growth.

5. Use a baking soda rinse every now and then to get rid of any buildup in your hair.

6. Wear a hat. It'll protect your hair from sun and wind while our outdoors.

7. You know the high setting on your straightener? Well, don't use it. Its extremely hard on your hair.

8. Keep you supplies all clean. Brushes, combs, curlers, and anything else should be clean.

9. To get soft natural curls sleep in braids or old fashioned pin curls. The more braids the more crinkly and curly your hair will be in the morning.

10. Change your pony tail position often, so you can avoid breakage.

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