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If you get a breakout, dab a bit of honey on the irritated spots before washing your face. You’ll notice a difference. Honey attracts moisture and helps your skin retain moisture.

Green Tea can be a refreshing facial treatment at the end of a long hard day. All you’ll have to do is soak a cotton washcloth in cool green tea then place it over your face for ten minutes. You can also help to reduce under eye puffiness and soothe your tired eyes by placing two cold, used caffeinated tea bags for 10-15 minutes, over your eyes. Tea is a strong antioxidant rich in vitamins C and E. It has a variety of benefits that include cleansing your skin, soothing a nasty sunburn, highlighting your hair, relaxing muscles, and soothe puffy eyes. Different teas have the unique properties. For example peppermint tea will energize your body and chamomile tea is relaxing.

If you want to get your face really clean you could mix in some sugar with your favorite cleanser. Ground sunflower seeds, rolled oats, blue cornmeal, ground nuts, like almonds or walnuts, and wheat germ are all
 different things you could use.

To get a longer lasting scent more intense smell you can layer scents. By simply adding a few drops of your favorite scent to your shower gel, lotion, and powder, you’ll create a longer last fragrance.

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