Stardom: Britt Nicole

Anytime you feel alone put on your headphones
Love Love is coming through your headphones

I love Britt Nicole's headphones in this video; they absolutely adorable. I normally wouldn't wear that kind but if I had that pair I think I would. lol. I think this song is cute...I really like her two albums Say It and The Lost Get Found. But I think I probably listen to The Lost Get Found more.

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Last year, or the year before that, I got to go to one of her was AMAZING :) I went to Revolve, and loved it. But I didn't go this year. Maybe I'll go next year. lol. It was a lot of fun going there. They have speakers, music, drama, they just have all sorts of stuff.

I got these two albums a while ago and now they're probably the most listened to albums on my iPod :)

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