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Today I was thinking...I should probably make more blog posts. Sorry, about the fact I've only been posting once a week...well, more like once every other week. I just came across an article. It was about where bloggers apologize about being missing for a week or so. It could be summed up with, "nobody actually cares if you didn't post for a week. You're really not that important." sigh* I like to think someone enjoys reading what I write :)

We'll I couldn't really think of anything interesting to write. lol. So here are some amazing pictures!

 The weather is getting warmer!
It was 53 degrees out and I was dieing of heat today. pathetic, I know.
So considering this post is pretty random, I thought I might as well show you this amazing picture.
My brother took it on our trip to China.
This picture is also from out trip to China. The Zoo was amazing! We got to feed the tigers. and the giraffes.
"He loves us with an unfailing love." Psalm 117:2
Please do not use pictures.
All pictures were taken by my brother.

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  1. HI!
    My name is Emily and i am one of your new followers, you also checked out my blog "anything and everything" a LONG time ago i had forgoten all about that blog, sorry about that. I also have a couple other blogs. If you have time drop by. here are the adresses.


    thenerveofverve.blogspot.com This is my main blog.
    And the one you checked out a while ago www.therandomblogers.blogspot.com

    God bless!


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