Hey! Welcome to this new blog! I'm hoping that its going to live up to your amazing expectations. With tips, tricks, and lots of ideas hopefully you'll find something interesting on this blog. I'd love to have your help and if you want to help participate in making this Stardom a one of a kind blog just email me at stardom_randomness@yahoo.com.

Now really, I know I got a lot of work still to do to make this blog more 'presentable' in a way. But it seems to be moving along quite quickly. Well, at I'm trying to get it move along quickly.

I am a musician, blogger, and a designer. Along with music, designing things, and blogging, I go to school. I'd say that I stay quite busy. I have two amazing cats and two amazingly weird dogs. I love them all as weird as they all are. My family? Well they are amazing too :)

My personal style would probably be described as...cute and weird? Actually I really don't know how to describe my style. Its kinda of a combination I guess; its uniquely me. My favorite make thing in my makeup bag right now would probably be my mascara or I love my tinted moisturiser. I do agree with the people who say Vaseline is under-appreciated. I mean, seriously, it does everything! Lip gloss, foot cream, and a makeup remover and its totally affordable.

Hopefully you'll find what your looking for on this blog! I'd love to have you follow along on this journey into a world of fashion and other random things. Leave a comment, follow along, or email me! I'd love to know how you think I'm doing. Oh and I do plan on changing the picture of the hamburger out :P

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