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I wouldn't exactly call myself a fashionista. I'm totally sitting on the coach in pajamas and its noon. In my defense its been a very quite day. Which I have been taking full advantage of. Anyways, the definition of fashionista is a person who devoted to fashion clothing particularly high end or unique fashion and does not follow trends. Well high end fashion is pretty expensive, and my style is pretty typical. Well, okay its a little unique because its me. Isn't unique a weird word though? Think about. Everyone is unique. Its kinda of makes it an oxymoron, right?

I would say the thing I appreciate the most in my makeup bag would be mascara. My basic look would be mascara, tinted moisturizer, and some lip gloss. I also like to play around with different eye shadow colors. I'm really lovin blue and purple at the moment. My makeup is pretty much from walmart and lancome. I would say its from walmart because thats usually cheapest. I use lancome because that's where I first started getting makeup with my mom. I haven't really used other brands yet, but I love to experiment.

I love music and tennis! My dream career would probably be a concert pianist. But that requires a lot of practice which I like to do, but I should probably be practicing more if I'm ever going to be a professional pianist. I've recently learned Revolutionary Etude by Chopin, and I'd say that that is my biggest recent accomplishment. I can't wait for tennis season to start. I love it! Tennis is amazing for those of you who don't know yet. It is more complicated then it looks though.... :)

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