Spring Break is Soon!!!

I'm superduper excited for spring break. I want to have all my school done. I want the week completely off. I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing for spring break though. Anyone have some really cool plans?

So I entered a contest via polyvore. You should go head over here and like my set that I made for the contest. While you're at it why not follow me to? :P Tell me if you follow or like my profile over there! If you have polyvore share your link, we'd love to check out what you've created!

Peacock Fashion

I made this set, and with, hopefully, the obvious theme of peacocks. Its a cute outfit for warmer weather. Maybe it'll get warm enough during spring break. I guess it hasn't rained since this morning here, so that is always a good sign. Right? Would you wear something like this? I think I might. But I might change the pants to a different style and opt out of the peacock feather earrings. I really like the shirt :)

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